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Udonis rapidly developed from a small “garage” company founded by three friends into a large team of talented individuals who share the core values of excellence, innovation, and good humor.
Based on data, driven by creativity, and focused on results, Udonis consistently delivers industry-standard services. From user acquisition, over creative production to app monetization, growth consulting, and data analytics.

Udonis Teams


The team behind all the content Udonis produces.
Consisting of content writers, copywriters, artists, and video producers, it has everything that’s necessary to produce engaging content and killer ads.
The seamless process for creating high-performing content consists of research, brainstorming, writing, and finally production. Simple and effective.

Media Buyers

The team behind ad campaigns optimized for massive user acquisition and high return on investment.
Experienced media buyers working on high-budget accounts constantly track key performance indicators to ensure ads do what they’re intended to.
The media buying process consists of creating advertising campaigns, testing new ads, and micromanaging campaign parameters to reach a massive audience while boosting revenue.


The team behind all the technical solutions and software development at Udonis.
Tech-savvy individuals who have a solution to all the IT issues that come up, make sure our websites run flawlessly, and develop all the software Udonis needs for upcoming projects.
Their work process includes working on codes nobody but them understands, as well as putting out IT fires caused by the Creat…, let’s just say others.

Managing Team

Mihovil Grguric


Tin Vidovic


Matija Hanicar


Jure Zelenika

Creative Director

Andrea Knezovic

Head of Content

Tomislav Sarac

Head of Video Production

Whole Process



3.Strategy Development

4.Creative Production

5.Media Buying

6.Data Analysis



Our Media Partners


Why Udonis

Reliable Partner

Udonis takes great pride in delivering results within the agreed-upon time frame.
We understand marketing is an essential part of a greater puzzle, and we always make sure our clients aren’t left with a missing piece.

Best Practices

Mobile marketing is rapidly changing, and the things that work today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.
That’s why it’s imperative to keep up with current trends as well as best practices, apply them, and in some cases, set new trends and standards for best practices as an industry leader.

Competent Team

Working with professionals from their respective fields is extremely important for maintaining the quality Udonis was founded on.
That’s why all our team members are trained and experienced individuals who successfully completed our internal HR testing process. This allowed us to create a community of talented individuals who never fail to come up with a creative solution, regardless of the challenge.


At Udonis, we believe in results.
Achieving results is the target we’ve pointed all our mobile marketing efforts at, and it’s something we will always insist on.
The goal at Udonis is to always overdeliver and exceed expectations.


We were searching for a company to create video ads for us and we found Udonis. They created some nice video ads for our campaigns and we decided to use their UA service as well. They handled our user acquisition campaigns by optimizing the existing ones and creating new ones. If you need someone to handle UA for your game, you should definitely check out UDONIS.

Gabriel Dumitro

Co-founder, Cooking Team

Udonis was able to scale the profitability of our applications thanks to a deep understanding of the mobile gaming industry and monetization. We maintain a really close collaboration that allows us to use the best from both sides. Udonis brings creativity with a data-driven approach that enables us to measure and improve our mobile acquisition campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Harouna Camara

Co-funder, Tictales

Udonis not only provided great results for us but also coached and improved us in our approach to UA. This led to some of the best CPI results we have seen so far, at a quick and cost effective scale. This enabled us to test our games quicker, with a wider range of users. Their communication is excellent and they are a perfect partner we look forward to continue working with.

Jack Cooney

Founder, Nerd agency

Udonis has been an effective and trusted partner for our user acquisition efforts for quite some time. They contribute greatly not only to our UA efforts across a variety of CPM networks, but also on the ad creatives front. They are consistently focused on improving their own operations and finding new ways they can contribute to ours which strengthens our relationship and keeps our goals aligned.

Phillip Kung

Co-founder at Tastypill

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