How to measure success?

If you don’t know how to measure success, how can you achieve it?
Determining success starts with determining Key Performance Indicators that reflect how successful your business is. Tracking KPIs and reacting to them is a great way of ensuring success.
Some indicators are more important than others.
Find those that will make or break your app.

Trustworthy Data

Data is easily manipulated.

If data starts showing a trend that’s not favorable for the reporting party, the reporting party will change the way it processes and reports the data.
Udonis protects its clients from data manipulation through independent data analyses and reports clean data that can be applied in real-time.
Stop looking at the pretty picture, and see the real thing.

Importance of Attribution

Interpreting attribution data is essential for optimizing conversions.

There are different attribution models that attribute a certain amount of credit for a conversion to an ad and the corresponding keyword. This allows us to figure out which ads and keywords play an important role in getting conversions.
Well-utilized attribution data improve ad performance.
Find out how to use attribution to boost conversions.

Get Reliable Data