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Videos That Make Numbers Grow

Video is the best-performing format in mobile advertising today.

Udonis and work together to create videos designed for user acquisition. Marketing know-how and creative production skills invested in these videos generated over 200 million new installs, bringing in multi-million revenue for developers and putting their apps on the top charts.

There are two powerful types of videos that are guaranteed to acquire new users.

Video Ads

If you’ve hit the download button in an ad before, chances are you’ve seen one of the video ads made in the creative workshop at Udonis.
The principle that works for video ads is quantity.
Many video ad variations are created and prepared for testing. Things like length, dimensions, and CTAs are different in each variation, and some are even localized to ensure top performance in foreign countries.
The attention-grabbing and converting potential of each variation is tested in mini-campaigns. Those that perform the best are launched for target audiences across the globe.

Increase your user base with scroll-stopping video ads.

Where can I use video ads?

App Promo Video

If you’ve ever found an app and decided to watch the app store promo video that persuaded you to hit the download button, you’ve seen a promo that did its job.
The principle that works for promotional videos is quality.
Promotional videos are carefully crafted to immerse viewers into the app’s world while demonstrating its key features and benefits in an impactful way.
Producing high-quality app promo videos requires careful planning, advanced video editing skills, and mobile marketing knowledge. So it’s best to let seasoned experts handle it.

Impress your prospects with a stunning promo.

Where can I use app promo video?

Videos That Work

Make your app grow