Monetization is all about finding the best method for making money with your app.

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In-App Purchases

The in-app purchases method is still used in many apps, especially in mobile games. The fundamental principle involves making an in-app feature available in exchange for money.
The in-app purchases method works great for apps where users get great value for money. The issue is that they still need to give up their hard-earned cash to enjoy the extra features an app has to offer. Many are reluctant to do so.


Subscriptions are the future of mobile app monetization.
Users pay to get access to an app or an app’s premium features for a certain subscription period. Once that period expires, another payment is necessary to renew the subscription.
Subscriptions are a stable monetization model that makes calculating customer lifetime value easier, creates loyal app users, and can be combined with other monetization models. Plus, Google and Apple lower their commissions after the first year.

Subscriptions could become an alternative to in-app advertising in the upcoming years by offering an ad-free experience along with premium features.

In-App Advertising

Unlike the in-app purchases method, there’s no currency exchange involved.
Users are shown an ad in an app, and the developer gets revenue for providing the digital media space for that ad. Many app users are even willing to watch an ad in exchange for in-app perks.

They can be effectively used in all app types. However, since there are different ad types that require ad mediation, there’s a lot of room for performance optimization and revenue maximization.

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